btv solo, beat making software, launch date


After playing with the review copy and talking about it on the blog, BTV Solo is officially launching!

And that means we can finally get BTV ZONE happening as community for fellow users. While it’s been fun banging out beats on our end, we want to see what everyone else is going to do with the program. To celebrate the launch, BTV Solo is being offered at a serious discount through our links.

After launch they’ll be going through a series of price point testing so it’s best to get in early as that will be the lowest price of all, we’re not sure where they’ll settle at but the launch price is phenomenal for what the program does.


BTV just gave us this cool little pad simulator, while this is only a small part of the program and doesn’t illustrate how much it can actually do, you can still get an idea of how easy it is to use the pads. As you can see you can just click the pads with your mouse and see how they react, or better yet type the corresponding keys and make a beat as you type. Now picture it with instruments and FX


So there you have it, we’re pretty excited about BTV Solo being official, we’re sure you’ll have this thing banging out heaters in no time. As always stay tuned to the site for more tips and tutorials, as well as industry discussion to help you get your beat making career on the right track. In the mean time you can finally check out the full program yourself!