What is sampling and how do I use BTV Solo to make sampled beats?

btv solo, what is sampling


So you’re looking at sampling want to know how you can start using it in your beats. We’ll give you the low down on sampling, what it is and how to go about it.

Sampling is a style of beat making that utilizes sounds or pieces from previously recorded music, incorporating it with new additional pieces and making it your own. If you’re into Hip Hop you’ve most likely heard a sampled beat before, what you might not know is that it’s also very common in House music and other forms of EDM and can sometimes be heard in R&B, Rock and other genres as well.

In the early days, most sampling was done using simple instrumental loops with drum breaks layered over top. As sampling became more mainstream, producers became more creative with their sampling techniques as a way to hide their source tracks, as well as brand a unique and personal style to set them apart from other producers.



btv solo, what is sampling

BTV Solo has a built in sampler and for an easier workflow, a cool “auto-chop” feature.

There are two main ways to make beats with samples in BTV – Import or Record. Today we’re going to focus on the import since once you’ve brought in the sample, it’s the same workflow with either method.

Once you’ve imported your sample to BTV Solo – You’re going to choose “KITS” followed by“NEW”. In the left panel you’ll see “VIRTUAL SAMPLES” and “USER SAMPLES”. If you’ve already loaded your sample into the user destination, “USER SAMPLES” is the one to select.

A pad will flash on the interface, select the “0″ / “C” pad and then drag your sample to that pad.

In the main window you’ll see an arrow on each side, click the left arrow twice and you’ll see a waveform, choose “auto chop”. The waveform will expand and you’ll see “SENSITIVITY” and “FREQUENCY”. These adjust how often the red lines make slice points, once you’ve set the lines to where you want to chop, press OK. It will you show you the assigned pad range, press complete.

You may want to tweak your chops or move the range points of each sample part. All you have to do is selet the pad you want to edit, click the left arrow until you see the waveform again, and now you will only see two lines, drag the lines to the new position and that’s it!

*use the “START” and “END” dials for even tighter editing of your chops!*

So these are the basics of sampling and now you’re ready to start sampling yourself! As you get going you’ll get faster with each beat and get better at identifying samples you can work with.  If you’re still having problems the workaround in BTV Solo, here’s a video demonstration of the auto-chop feature to get you going.


btv solo beat making software beat making tutorials


btv solo beat making software beat making tutorials

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